Waterproofing Brisbane

Waterproofing Brisbane

It is likely that the area covered with bathroom tiles, will come into contact with water, sometimes at a high pressure so always ensure that the adhesive you use to glue the bathroom tiles to walls are having waterproofing property as well. If it isn't then your tiles can become loose and fall off if the room has a lot of moisture in it from hot water over a period of time.

We aim to work in areas of around 1 meter square at a time, working on larger areas can mean that we need to work too quickly to ensure that the tiles are fixed before the adhesive dries and the job will not be so efficient, so we try to stick to this rule and also use plastic spacers between your tiles as this lays them out perfectly and will give a very neat and consistent finish.

Once we have fixed your bathroom tiling on wall and we make sure they are even and secure, the final waterproofing process is to apply grout to all of the gaps around the tile. We make sure that the grout we use is also highly waterproofing agent and ensuring that we apply enough to sufficiently cover all gaps to prevent water and moisture penetrating again. We use a grouting tool to achieve a smart, smooth and consistent finish to your tiles.

There are different ways to waterproof and install a wet room but if it is being done in an existing house rather than in a new-build (where options are greater because floor levels can be built to suit the wet room) then the most common method is to raise the floor level with a concrete screed and then install a flush concealed former that will help to ensure that the tiled floor surface is the correct angle for good drainage. Wet room formers come in a range of standard sizes but can also be manufactured to any shape and size you desire.

Once the former is in place the whole room, floors and walls, needs to be waterproofed before the tiles are fixed in place. Making sure the room is completely water tight is the most essential part of installing any wet room and whilst porcelain or ceramic tiles with a waterproof grout may be waterproof enough for an enclosed shower tray and surround. So Quality Tiling never skip on this waterproofing step.